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About Peace UCC

Peace United Church of Christ is a multigenerational community of faith.  We welcome people of all ages, races, and life situations to join us in our calling to serve as the hands and feet of Christ.

Peace United Church of Christ is more than just a church.  We are a faith community as well.  We are connected with each other, offering a helping hand to one another.  When someone celebrates, we celebrate too.  When someone is struggling, we offer a listening ear and words of encouragement.  That is what a community does.  So, we invite you to become part of this faith community.  Visit and consider joining us at Peace UCC.

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Ministries of Peace UCC

Connecting your faith with your community.


Stephen Ministries

Bringing distinctively Christian care to those in need.

Stephen Ministers use both words and deeds to express care for others; listening, comforting, and using tools of faith to minister to anyone in need.  Stephen Ministers care for those going through times of grieving, depression, and loneliness.  If you or someone you know is in need of such ministry, contact us today!

Sheet Music

Bible Studies & Christian Education

Grow in your faith with us.

We offer a variety of ways for people of all ages to develop their love for Christ and for others throughout the year including Sunday School, Bible Studies (for young and old), Confirmation, and Service Projects.

Prayer Group

Music Ministries

Honoring God with our talents.

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." ~Victor Hugo
If you have a passion for music and a love for sharing God's faithfulness with others, consider joining our vocal or bell choir or providing special music by contacting us below!

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Past Newsletters


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